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5 Tips to Go from Basic to Sophisticated Style

If you're looking for the tips and opportunities to look extra gorgeous in whatever you wear - you've come to the right place. Today we have the theme: from basic to sophisticated style in minutes ! Curious? You just need to keep reading!

A basic look is easily achieved, everyone knows that. In a woman's wardrobe, what can't be missing are elements to make our days uncomplicated and easier - just grab that iconic piece. These 5 tips for a basic yet sophisticated look are the ones you should follow to have an out-of-this-world day without being complicated.

1 - Accessories I want you for!

5 Tips to Go from Basic to Sophisticated Style

Accessories always bring a touch of difference to any look. From a belt that brings charisma, to a piece of jewelry that is personality - accessories are the pieces that cannot be missing in our daily lives.

2 - Add charisma.

5 Tips to Go from Basic to Sophisticated Style

When we talk about charisma, this means that we are talking about adding an iconic piece like a printed t-shirt or a vintage piece, but that is timeless.

3 - Mark for the difference.

5 Tips to Go from Basic to Sophisticated Style

Difference. That's what we're here for. When our look seems too basic, add a piece of footwear that makes a difference but looks amazing with your everyday look.

4 - Bet on color.

5 Tips to Go from Basic to Sophisticated Style

Despite being the simplest look to achieve, it is always possible to add a twist and turn a basic look into an otherworldly look. With that, I have to say that you need to add color . Whether it's accessories, the shoes of the moment, what matters is bringing that splash of color to your look.

5 - Complete with an iconic piece.

To bring that touch of magic and sophistication to your look, just add a piece that we all have in our wardrobes - a blazer . It is guaranteed to be the piece of the moment and it is never too much!

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