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About Us

Black Peach! ❤

Founded on May 16, 2016, A Black Peach, uma marca portuguesa focada em oferecer estilo e moda de forma prática e multifacetada a todas as mulheres. ❤

We are, Mulheres Giras, Seguras, Confiantes e com Estilo.

Our history

Black Peach, Your Online Women's Clothing Store

" (...) Passion is the word that describes our story. This story goes back to the time of my grandparents, humble and happy people who gave me a passion for trade and service. The years passed... I moved to another city , professional branch, but always willing to help and advise people.
Thus, in 2016, the idea of ​​creating a brand focused on Women came up. We combined Passion (for customer service) with my favorite fruit: Peach (adding passion for fashion), with Black, a color that never compromises! Then comes BLACKPEACH®️ .
Today we are a Portuguese brand focused on offering style and fashion in a practical and multifaceted way to all women. ❤
Our daily mission is to make our customers feel cherished with our service, providing a collection that meets current expectations and trends.
That is why we are governed by values ​​such as: enthusiasm, responsibility, respect and teamwork. "

Your online clothing store for elegant and modern women, where all service is personalized and tailored, where we help and advise women who come to us every day. If you can't find the right clothes in physical stores, or you prefer to shop in the comfort of your home, an online clothing store could be the perfect solution for you.

Our selection of women's clothing and fashion is carefully chosen to meet your everyday needs, whether for work or special occasions.
Our goal is to provide you with an easy and practical shopping experience. We believe that fashion should be affordable and comfortable, without compromising quality and style. Discover our online store and enjoy all the advantages we offer!

We want to be your women's clothing store, where you find comfort and style. We guarantee greater ease and security at your fingertips, and a guarantee of satisfaction for all customers.

Do you have questions? Buy with us and get rid of your stubbornness!

Our showroom

Rua Oscar da Silva, 1163

Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm

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