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ACCESSORIES # Natacha's Tips

There are several types of women's accessories, and each of them has its own role, and can be used in different ways to create an original and interesting look.


A Versatile Accessory

Bracelets can be used to complement an outfit or to be the main statement piece. However, it is important to maintain a visual balance so as not to overwhelm. In general, the ideal is to use three to five bracelets at the most.
The style of bracelets should match the style of clothing. For example, if you are wearing more formal clothes, such as a party dress, opt for more delicate and discreet bracelets. If you are wearing a simpler or casual outfit, like jeans and a shirt, you can wear more striking and different bracelets.


The extra touch to your look

Earrings are indispensable accessories for women looking to complement their look with style and elegance, capable of transforming a simple look into a sophisticated and modern outfit, due to their design.
Choose the earring size and style that best fits your face and your personal style. You always have the chance to wear smaller, more discreet earrings or larger, bolder earrings. If you are wearing a dress or clothes with a pattern, opt for simpler and more neutral earrings so as not to overwhelm your look.


Personality and Style

Choose a necklace that complements the neckline of your outfit to create a harmonious look. Try using necklaces in different lengths to create layers and add depth to your look.
You can also wear large and eye-catching necklaces, as these are great for highlighting your look, adding a touch of personality.
Don't forget... Combine your necklaces with earrings, bracelets and rings. You'll create a complete and cohesive look.


Stylish and Modern

Choose a ring that matches your personal style and your favorite outfits. If you like a more classic style, for example, opt for a ring with a simpler and more elegant design. If you prefer a bolder look, choose a ring with a bolder and more showy design. Try wearing several rings together. You can mix rings of different sizes, materials and colors to create an original and fun look.



Practical and Indispensable

To choose the perfect bag, it's important to consider size, style and functionality. Choose a bag big enough to hold your belongings, but not so big that it becomes boring to carry. If you need something practical to use on a daily basis, a small bag might be the ideal option. For something more formal, like events, a clutch is the right choice! Also, consider the size you need. If you tend to carry a lot of things, a big suitcase is best for you. Finally, choose a color that reflects your style and personality.



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