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Blazers: How and when to wear them? #Natacha's Tips

# The key piece for any wardrobe.

There are several advantages to wearing a blazer! In addition to being a classic and elegant piece, it can be used on several occasions, whether in a professional environment or at a more casual event. Comfortable and practical, it allows you to create different combinations that adapt to any style.

# Formal


What are the tips for wearing a blazer to work?

Choose a blazer that matches your style and the work environment. Opt for more neutral colors, such as black, gray or navy blue, and combine it with pieces that fit your company's dress code. For example, wear a dress shirt underneath for a more formal look, or a basic blouse for a more relaxed atmosphere.

plain blazer

# Stylish and Modern

Beyond work

The blazer no longer needs to be that super traditional piece that we only use for work. There are lots of modern models and several ways to combine them, so that you can wear them elegantly, but at the same time, with a modern look. Wear the blazer with sneakers, t-shirt and's a perfect combination.

# Sophisticated and Comfortable

Bold and Modern

A blazer can help enhance the silhouette, giving the look a more refined and powerful look. You can wear a blazer with short shorts. Of course it's possible! You keep the look elegant, but at the same time create a super sexy look. It's a bold and modern option that can be perfect for happy hour or a weekend outing. To end up looking great, bet on high heels or boots.

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