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Trends of the Year: Where to Start

If they are in doubt, they are at the door. Today it's all about how to get all the 2021 trends . One of those that looks good on time and that is to die for in those everyday looks, you know?

With so much to choose from, we have to give you those essential tips on how to take advantage of the warmth of the season and the breeze that is passing by - and, if you're from the North, you know that the breeze is always present -. These 2021 tips are just the best way to start your day!

And if you find yourself with so many pieces in your cart that it fills an entire closet... you're on the right track!

1 - Linen.

Trends of the Year Where to start

If nowadays you don't have linen pieces in your wardrobe, it's all very wrong. The fabric of choice for warmer days and the most sophisticated for party occasions, the trend in linen pieces is one that cannot be missing. A must-have when it comes to must-have pieces.

2 - Standard.

Trends of the Year Where to start

Standard for what I want you! We know that patterns are not for everyone, but occasionally one appears that is just the twinkle in our eyes, isn't it? We know these are to fall in love with, so... Here are the trends in patterns , just click the link.

3 - Meshes.

Trends of the Year Where to start

If you thought that knitwear was out of fashion, you are wrong! The meshes are back and stronger than ever. The piece indicated for the nights of the cold seasons, knits are always a great option. Whether colored knits, ecological knits or basic knits.

4 - Color.

Trends of the Year Where to start

We know that with black I never compromise, right? But that doesn't mean you can't use color as a weapon of perfection. When it comes to using color, there are always thousands of options. You don't need to go straight to neons, nor do you need to stay endlessly in pastels.

5 - Basics.

Trends of the Year Where to start

Basics always have a place in a woman's wardrobe. Whatever the time, the basics can be a lifesaver! Associated with an iconic piece, basics don't have to be basics forever.

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